Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tha Lost Ones - Vol.7

An eclectic assortment of mashups and remixes, from hip hop to r&b and a few surprises.


Front and back sleeve

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Tha Lost Ones - Vol.7


1. De La Soul VS Michael Jackson (Mashup Soul One)
2. Show You A Little Soul feat. Oddisee Pete Rock (Mash-Up)
3. Baby Don't Cry/Doo Wop That Thing - 2 Pac  vs Lauryn Hill (Mashup 2012 By Deejay RoRo)
4. Stayin Hot - Nelly vs. Bee Gees  (Lobsterdust Mashup)
5. Bonita Keeps On Passin' Me By (Bizarre Tribe) Gummy Soul
6. Old School Hip Hop Mashup - Over 9 minutes!
7. Shawty is a 10 Remix Snoop Dogg, The Dream, Zapp & Roger, Midnight Star (Tommy Remixes)
8. Falling Star - Kid Cudi  vs Florence and the Machine Mash-up  (by R3K)
9. Rugrats theme vs Kanye West vs Jay Z Gold Digger 99 Problems Mashup Remix (Verona Mix)
10. E.T. feat. Drake & Lil Wayne (Remix/Mashup) Katy Perry 1
11. Mashup by DJ Topcat (Tracey Video Remix) Bob Marley vs Snoop Dogg  - Could You Be Snoop
12. Best Thing I Never Had (RnB Remix) - Beyoncé
13. She's like the wind RnB Remix 2006 - Artist?
14. 50 Cent Vs Craig David Mash-Up Hot Stuff (Ayo technology)
15. New Jack Swing remix - Ne yo
16. Video (Mintman Remix) India Arie
17. jaheim feat gerald levert (Dj Don't remix)
18. Need you (summer 99 remix) Noora
19. Girlfriend (D-Influence Real Live Mix - Billie
20. I likes it (Doncker extended mix) Lori Gold
21. Sois mon ami(e) (G-Funk mix) Melgroove
22. Go Slow [DJ Premier Remix] Seven Feat. Talib Kweli
23. Imagine (Club Asylum Remix) Shola Ama
24. shwan desman-get ready
25. Skills (Oll-Zen Remix) Gang Starr
26. Lean Back (remix) Notorious B.I.G., Fat Joe
27. This Plane (LabRat Remix) Wiz Khalifa
28. Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Remix) Adele vs. Daft Punk
29.Don't Wanna Be a Player(Remix)- Joe
30. The Enemy Ft. Fat Joe (Remix)Big L



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Anonymous said...

bonne mixtape. Préférence pour la numéro 22. En espérant retrouver le même genre de son dans les prochaines mixtapes!! Bon boulot en tout cas.

Mredondo said...

Je vous remercie! Plus à venir bientôt!