Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vibe - 2 albums + Bonus tracks

For DEE7

Not sure if this is what you're looking for?

1. Preface: Thème I Listen
2. Chapitre I - Mes Tourments: Tout Seul
3. Chapitre I - Mes Tourments: Confession
4. Chapitre I - Mes Tourments: Pour Elles (Intro)
5. Chapitre I - Mes Tourments: Pour Elles
6. Chapitre I - Mes Tourments: Mes Vrais Amis
7. Chapitre II - Mes Désirs: Laisse Moi
8. Chapitre II - Mes Désirs: Rappelle Moi
9. Chapitre II - Mes Désirs: Fille de Paname
10. Chapitre II - Mes Désirs: Souhait
11. Chapitre III - Styles: Mioche (Intro)
12. Chapitre III - Styles: No Blaggadda
13. Chapitre III - Styles: d'Nce Booggie
14. Chapitre III - Styles: Vibestylistik
15. Épilogue: Thème II

Vibe - Emancipe

1. Emancipé
2. Mr Vibe
3. Club Ca
4. Mouvement
5. Flow
6. Party Commandement
7. Ma Soul
8. Comment
9. Gwadeeza
10. Tu Veux De L'Amour
11. Histoire D'Amis
12. Je Cherche
13. Doucement
14. Si Je Pleure
15. Tu M'Oublies
16. Comme Ces Anges
17. Demain
18. Sho'You Right

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DEE7 said...

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....mahfakkkah ya di beeeeest....thanxxxx damn happy...."UBARIKIWE"(BE BLESSED)

Mredondo said...

Enjoy bro!

DEE7 said...

my how r u??? the way,do u happen to have the album DON MAN by FRANKIE PAUL....if u me out plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!....i'm in luv with this BLOG....keep it up brah!

Mredondo said...


Hey, I don't have that album - actually, I believe it was on cassette only?

Sorry bro...


DEE7 said...

thanxxx beah,so how is the weekend deh???

Mredondo said...

Just gonna chill with the family...


Have a good one!

DEE SEVEN® said...

Sound luv brah!

Dee Seven said...

buddy all di links are dead and i dont have these albums any more coz my hard disk crushed....hook me up plzzzzz.

Dee Seven said...

all di links are dead and i real need these albums coz my hard disk crashed last month,hook me up plzzzz buddy

Mredondo said...

Gonna take some time to repost... I'll do it when I have more time bro.

Kaa Sawa said...

Mi pleasure,can't wait buddy!

Dee Seven said...

Congrats buddy,ya doing a great job son!